I Help People Start & Grow Businesses


Hi, I’m Sam Ovens. I like solving problems, building things and learning. My mum is a teacher, dad a builder and I grew up obsessed with computers and the Internet. I guess that's why I like teaching people how to build their own businesses online.

The biggest problem I see in the world today is education. School systems and universities are outdated, expensive, slow and non-personalized. Their single intent is to “qualify” people to get jobs.

My mission is to collectively educate every human on Earth. I aim to do this by teaching people how to teach themself. I believe people should learn how to think, not what to think. Through Consulting.com we're teaching people how to start and grow their own business. So far we've served 20,000 students. We've got 7.7 billion to go.

20,000 students – $690m student earnings – 3,450 reviews – 4.9 stars