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My name is Sam Ovens and I started completely broke working out of my parents garage in New Zealand and in 5 short years started a consulting business, moved to Manhattan and made over $18 Million dollars.  

 I started from scratch with no experience, assistance or funding and had to figure everything out on my own.  It was the most challenging thing I have ever done. 

Through, my mission is to send the elevator back down and help everyday people start and grow wildly profitable consulting businesses and live lives of freedom.  Here's how it all began...


Sam followed the "traditional path".  He went to college and got a corporate job.  His whole life everybody told him that this was success but somehow he didn't feel very successful and he thought "Is this really it?  Is this what the rest of my life is going to be like?"

Sam wondered what he'd done wrong, his whole life he folloed the traditional advice but he didn't feel successful and neither did anybody else that he knew working 9-5 jobs and slaving away.  That was the first time Sam questioned the "traditional advice". Could it be wrong?  What if there was a better way?

Hi, I'm Sam Ovens and this is my story.

Humble beginnings and sad realization 

Sam started searching for alternative ways to make an income and live life other than working a 9-5 job.  It didn't take long before he discovered that Entrepreneurs have a way better deal than everybody else....

Sam decided to quit his 9-5 and start a business of his own. He had to move back home with his parents into their garage to cut back on costs.

Sams first year in business failed miserably, he tried starting two online app's but quickly found that nobody wanted to pay for them.  He spent all of his savings and worked 12 hours a day for 1 year without making a single $1 and was $30,000 in debt.

Quitting the 9-5 to start a business

Billionaire's say that they learn nothing from their wins and everything from their failures and this was true for Sam.  While his first attempts failed he learned a fundamental lesson in business that would make him a fortune.

His apps failed because he created things he "thought" the market would want. When he finally went to sell them the market responded with "I don't need this".  These words burned into Sam's brain and he thought over this for months on end until he figured out a process to find out what the market wants in advance of starting the business and esentially avoiding all risk of money and time.  

The moment that changed everything

Sam mastered the art of value creation by selecting niche markets and discovering their pains and desires.  He would find a market, research it, find a problem and then validate that the market would actually pay for the problem to be solved in advance of taking any financial or time risk himself.  It was genius.  

Sam identified customer acquisition as a huge problem that almost everybody had but hardly anybody knew how to fix, the recipe for capitalist paradise.  Sam learned everything he could on customer acquisition and online marketing.  

Armed with this new understanding of value creation and customer acquisition Sam said it was just like "seeing for the first time".  Everything became crystal clear.  

Seeing for the first time

Sam started applying his new discoveries and frameworks by helping businesses acquire more customers online.  He would match their offers with the markets needs and desires and used data as his compass to navigate and improve.

 It took Sam 13 months before he made his first $1 as an entrepreneur but that next year when he figured it out he made $100,000.  Over the next five years Sam grew his consulting business into an e-learning company called and made over $18,000,000.  

Sending the elevator back down

Making $18 million by 27

The world took notice

Sam in extremely introverted and doesn't like much attention but as his numbers climbed and climbed from zero to 6-figures to 7-figures to 8-figures+ in record time people started paying attention whether he liked it or not.  

 Sam's story has been featured in:  Forbes, Entrepreneur, Inc, Wall Street Journal and other newspapers, magazines, tv and more.

Strong conviction and the start of a movement

Sam's students continued to get results so he started scaling up.  The groups grew from 5 to 10 to 30 to 50 and they just kept growing and people kept getting results.

 What started out as teaching somebody some things over coffee turned into a way of life for thousands of people all over the world.  Since Sam started teaching his methods he's created 21 Millionaires, 451 6-Figure Consultants and has helped over 10,000 happy students in 72 different countries.

 Sam realized that his understanding of business and his proven methods had the power to change peoples lives and he got addicted to the satisfaction that comes from having an impact so significant.  

Serious amounts of success and fun 

I followed the "traditional path" and all it got me was an alarm clock, a commute, a dull cubicle, work with little meaning, 4 weeks of vacation /year and just enough money to really keep existing.  I followed what most people said and it got me nothing.

 I questioned the "traditional path".  What if it was wrong?  What if most people were wrong?  I ignored the traditional path and the voices of most people and it gave me a life not just full of insane wealth but freedom, satisfaction and meaning.  

 I believe the traditional path is wrong and that most people are wrong with their advice.  I believe there's a better way and I have proven it not only with myself but with thousands of others.  It's my life's mission to change the traditional path for the better.

Nothing makes me happier than seeing other people change themselves and change their lives for the better.  People aren't just "the way they are", they're built one piece at a time and you can build yourself into whoever you want to be.  

 My students have become my best friends and I like to celebrate their success at each stage of the journey.  When somebody gets to 6-Figures I send them a personal invite to come hang out for the day at my place in Manhattan.  And when somebody gets to 7-Figures I charter a private jet and we takeoff somewhere for the day.  

What began as a struggle, became an idea, which struck a nerve and became a movement.  The Consulting Revolution is here! 


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