Below are 20 reviews from some of my clients. If you want more there's another 3,200 reviews here.

Dave Rogenmosser

Dave went from working a 9-5 job to making 7-figures with his own consulting business within 1 year.

Akemi Fisher

Akemi went from being a generalist to a millionaire consultant within 1 year of working with me.

Andrew Argue

Andrew went from making $17,000 to $900,000 per month within 18 months of working with me.

Brittany Brown

Brittany Brown went from struggling with done-for-you work to being focused and making $30k /month.

Olaniyi Sobomehin

Olaniyi, an ex NFL athlete went from having an unpredictable business to a predictable $30k /month machine.

Tania Usher

Tania had an established consulting business when she started working with me, now it's supercharged.

Chris Evans & Taylor Welch

Chris and Taylor from Traffic and Funnels went from done-for-you slaves to 7-figure icons.

Wilkins Fervil

Wilkins used to make $30k working from a factory and now he works for himself and makes 6-figures.

Michelle Lange

Michelle thought her business was running well, she started working with me and now it has tripled.

Jonathan Houk

Jonathan is a senior consultant with 10 years experience and working with me changed his entire world.

Khyrent Titsworth

Khyrent was 18 years old working at Mc Donald's and now he works for himself and makes $3,000 /month.

Hunter Otis

Hunter started from absolute scratch and now he has a 6-figure porn addiction recovery business.

Josh Trejo

Josh went from a $45k /year job to starting his own consulting business and getting a $90k contract.

Gerald Feickert

Gerald struggled to get clients and within two weeks of working with me he made $35,000.

Casey Radumus

Casey was able to turn his passion of music into a profitable consulting business and an entirely new life.

Brian Toelle

Brian started working with me to grow his business but what he got instead was the strength to survive.

Robb Bailey

Robb went from struggling to get clients to consistently making 6-figures /month in the gym niche.

Jeff Samis

Jeff Samis went from being burnt out with done-for-you work to making 7-figures from coaching.

Ken Guilfoyle

Ken's invested in a lot of things but he claims his investment with me is the best of his entire life.

Adam Maggio

Adam worked in sales for 15 years at Fortune 500 companies. My sales training is the best he's ever seen.