When it comes to business no asset is as valuable as your knowledge.

To acquire knowledge we must learn and the best way to learn is through reading books.

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Hey everyone Sam Oven’s here and in today’s video I wanna share with you four books every entrepreneur must read. I did a video a couple of weeks ago where I explained exactly what I would do if I were starting over again from scratch. Like when all businesses went bankrupt and I’ve lost my memory of everything I’ve learned in the past few years, exactly what I would do step by step. And one of the things I said I would do is start learning.

As an entrepreneur starting out there’s a lot of things you need to know. And the best way to learn is reading books. I have been to university, I have been to $15,000 dollar seminars I’ve been in masterminds I have mentors, you know where I have learned most of my knowledge is definitely from books and this is awesome because books are readily accessible from anywhere in the world and you can buy them for $14 each on amazon and everyone has access to them and there is so much knowledge to be gained through books. A question that came up a lot after that, the audience was writing to me saying, “Sam that’s awesome but what books would you read specifically?” It’s a very good question and in today’s video I’m gonna share with you the four books that I believe every entrepreneur must read.

With regards in reading books I usually stick in four major categories. So I’m trying to improve myself in four categories. Those categories are: number is MINDSET. How we think and how we deal with all the internal stuff in our mind as we are faced with the challenges of entrepreneurship. The other category is SALES. I believe nothing is more important than salesmanship in business where sales is the second category I want to improve my skills in, and specifically in direct response marketing. The fourth category is BUSINESS STRATEGY which is often overlooked in the internet marketing world where everyone is just obsessed with new technology and the new greatest thing to exploit but a lot of the internet marketing crowd miss is a good business strategy. That’s the fourth area I believe you should learn and become better at.

I’ll show you the four books I recommend, the best of in each of that categories. So first of all with mindset the book I recommend is Psycho Cybernetics. I’ve read this book at least four times and everytime I pick it up and read it again it’s just as awesome. In terms of understanding why you feel weird when you pick up the phone and call the customer why you freaked out and why your brain causes all these different emotions when you’re faced with challenges with the entrepreneurship journey Psycho Cybernetics is an awesome book to do with mindset. It was written by a guy name Maxwell Maltz.

Maxwell Maltz was a plastic surgeon in Manhattan quite long time ago. He did surgery on patients like plastic surgery with defect on their nose or something like that and would come for an operation and he had fixed them but it was fixed they still felt self-conscious and still thought they looked ugly even though they didn’t. This fascinated him so much that he quit being a plastic surgeon and dedicated the rest of his life researching the thing called self-image. That’s how we see ourselves and how we see our strengths and weaknesses. That is a huge thing you need to master in entrepreneurship. I have always said that entrepreneurship and success is more of a battle in your own mind than it is anything else and this book helps with a lot of that.

The second book I’d recommend on the category of sales. This book is called Spin Selling by Neil Rackham. Now this book, I’m sure every seasoned salesman has a copy of this book. It is mentioned in every sales program around the world. This book is unbelievable I can honestly say it’s the best book I’ve ever read on the topic of salesmanship. Neil Rackham researched this book is based not on theory but actual research and actual facts. So Neil Rackham went around the world and studied 35,000 sales calls. He looked at the top performing sales reps in a range of different organizations and a range of different industries, studied them, got a whole bunch of data analyzed it and work what these guys had in common. He worked that all the top performers had the same thing that’s what spin selling is. This book is unbelievable.

On the topic of marketing anyone that thoroughly knows and understands marketing and advertising would say that this is the best book on marketing and advertising ever written in the world ever. It’s called Breakthrough Advertising by Eugene Schwartz. This book is written a long time ago before all this digital stuff came along before social media and before all this noise in the market. It’s written by a man Eugene Schwartz who advertised and marketed through print. The written word plain and simple. He tested all sorts of different things and his findings from a lifetime of advertising in this book. It’s so good because it doesn’t contain any of the noise that the marketing world has grown accustomed to since all this digital stuff came out. This teaches you some best practices in advertising that will last you for your entire lifetime. This book’s actually out of print which is unbelievable so you can find used copies on Amazon and they do cost $100 each but I cannot recommend it enough. This book is amazing and the best one I’ve ever read on the topic of marketing and advertising.

The final topic that I said you’d want to read books in is business strategy. The thing that most entrepreneurs overlook. Doesn’t matter if your marketing advertising and copywriting and your salesmanship and your marketing mindset is, if you’re heading a path that’s the wrong way, right? Business strategy is another fundamental that you’d always want to be improving your skills on. The best book I’ve ever read on the topic of business strategy is Blue Ocean Strategy. This book is probably the best book I’ve ever read and anyone else that talk to you about management will say the same thing.

Basically this book has looked on some of the most successful companies of the history of the world and what sort of strategy they had that enabled them to be so successful. An example that they used in here that blows my mind still I’m sure it will blow yours too. The example in this book that blows my mind is Cirque de Soleil. Cirque de Soleil is a circus company that was entering a very crowded market place and they were able to build a multi billion dollar brand in a very short time in a very crowded and competitive marketplace. This book shows how they did that by not improving incrementally on what the competition is already doing and just flipping the whole model completely upside down. That’s what this book is all about, you will get a lot out of it regardless of what industry you are in. You always want to make sure that your mindset and sales marketing and your business strategy is sharp; this are the areas you will want to continuously improve your life in.

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