Do you consume information but fail to act on it?

When I started out as an entrepreneur I consumed information all day, I was getting smarter but my business wasn't making progress and I was broke.

Then one day I read a book by Mark Cuban, the billionaire entrepreneur and owner of the Dallas Mavericks.

Cuban said: “Every hour your customers are awake you should sell and when they're asleep you should sharpen your sword”.

Check out my latest video to see what he means:

Here's The Full Transcript If You Prefer To Read:

Hey everyone it’s Sam Ovens, and in today’s video we’re gonna talk about why you should sharpen your sword only when you’re customers are asleep.

So back in the early days when I was starting out as an entrepreneur, I quickly realized that I didn’t know anything and that I needed to learn a ton if I wanted to start a business and be an entrepreneur and make money. I’m sure all of us realized that very quickly when we started.

What I did was I started rabidly consuming information. I read blogs, books, I went to seminars, I did online courses, I just consumed any piece of information I could get my hands on so that I could learn and get an edge. Those first couple of years I was broke and my businesses made no progress. I was learning so much I was putting in the hours but I wasn’t making any money and my business wasn’t making any progress and I wondered what the hell was going on. I’m getting smarter, I’m learning but
why my business wasn’t moving, why am I still broke.

It all changed for me when I read a book by Mark Cuban. If you don’t know who Mark Cuban is he is a billionaire entrepreneur and he owns the Dallas Mavericks, very smart businessman. In this book by Mark Cuban it said: “every hour your customers are awake, you should be selling. then when you’re customers are asleep that is when you should sharpen your sword”. What he meant by that obviously every valuable hour that your customer is in the office and is in work mode that is when you should be reaching out to them, talking to them, emailing them setting up meetings and selling. That is the only metric that is gonna move your business forward. And then while they’re asleep, that’s the time when you can’t possibly sell, when they're asleep that is when you sharpen your sword. That is when you learn. That is when you do the reading of blogs, the online courses, books, and just sharpening your skills, so that you’re competitive.

This changed everything for me and I know it’s a very simple concept I’m sure if you lived by it it will change everything for you too. So every hour your customers are awake, sell. And when they’re asleep, sharpen your sword by learning.

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