Shawshank Redemption is one of my all time favourite movies and in it there are some valuable life and business lessons.

Check out this video to see what Shawshank Redemption can teach you about business:

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Hey everyone Sam Ovens here, and in today’s video I want to share with you what the Shawshank Redemption can teach you about business. So the Shawshank redemption is an awesome movie if you haven’t seen it definitely check it out. Anyway in the movie Andy Dufresne the main character, and Andy is in prison and he wants to raise funds so that he can build out and improve the prison library. Andy goes to the warden of the prison and he asked for some funds, he declines and says “there is no money for it in the budget”, and Andy says “I would like to write a letter to the government every single week and see if they will give me the money to develop the library.”

The warden says “I don’t like your chances but you know what you write the letter and I will put it in the post for you anyway.” Andy writes a letter every single week to try and raise funds and after 6 years the government writes back and says “Dear Mr. Dufresne we appreciate your persistence and enclosed is a check for $200 to go towards the prison library and there’s some also charitable donations of used books you can use to develop the library”.

When Andy gets the letter and the check from the government he smiles and says “it only took 6 years” and one of the guards asks what’s he gonna do…“well, from now on, I’m gonna write 2 letters per week instead of one”. So he continues to write two letters every single week and a long period of time passes and eventually the government writes to him and says “Dear Mr Dufresne we appreciate your persistence, enclosed is a check every single year we’re gonna send you a check for $500 and here’s some more books and things that can go towards the library”.

What Andy is able to do is completely rebuild the prison library thats from a small dingy little place to the main feature of Shawshank prison. The lesson for you and the lesson in business from Shawshank redemption is persistence. Andy Dufresne is a really persistent man, he wants something, which is to improve the library and it’s not easy to get. First time he asks it’s a no. In fact every single week he asks and for 6 years he gets a no. He’s faced with constant rejection and constant no’s but he keeps up that persistence and eventually he gets what he wants.

In business if there’s one thing that successful entrepreneurs have in common, it’s just sheer determination and persistence. Often to get a sale it’s a no, the second time is a no, sometimes 7 times it’s a no and eventually it’s a yes. If I think in terms of myself, my first three businesses is failed. And the first two years I spent trying to be an entrepreneur working full time in it I failed. I went backwards and lost money. I stuck through it and eventually the reward came. It’s a huge lesson in business. Nothing beats persistence.

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